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27 June 2015 - Rencontre Paramoteur ACADIE  2015 -  Thanks to Jim and Nancy for the Wine and Cheese at the campground before we attend the PPG Banquet. All PPG pilots flew some great flights and had a great time with good company.

A special thanks to Guy Boulais from Quebec and Real Robichaud from New Brunswick for organizing this great event. Hopefully a repeat for next year!

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Paramotor Lobster Banquet

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                                                                                                                          Look who we found in New Brunswick!

26 June 2015 - Rencontre Paramoteur ACADIE  2015 -  Yesterday Hubert a local pilot from the area dropped in with fresh cooked lobsters for us. We had a great supper dinner thanks to Hubert and also celebrated Jacquie's birthday.  Early this morning all pilots flew the beach area and had great flights.

We have been camping here all week in Val-Comeau, NB during his event at  http://www.campingdeladune.com/campingdeladune/photoseng.cfm

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                                        Frank                                             Mark                                        Richard

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                                            Tim                                                                                                    Mike                                                         Tim

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                 Frank & Tim                                                                                        Mark                                         Bob G & Mark

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David & Guy                                                                David    

 IMG_9935.JPG (121292 bytes)                       IMG_9941_1.JPG (61875 bytes)

    Bob M                                                            Bob M

IMG_9913.JPG (78254 bytes)    IMG_9916.1.JPG (58929 bytes)   IMG_9922.1.JPG (89117 bytes)

                       David & Frank                                           Guy                                     Guy & David

They were out flying again this evening.

IMG_0044.JPG (90398 bytes)      IMG_0049.JPG (50321 bytes)      IMG_0056_1.JPG (23745 bytes)

           Real flying the Acadian Flag                               Tim                                                                                              Mike

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                                                         Real flying the Acadian Flag 

19 June 2015 - Rencontre Paramoteur ACADIE  24 - 28 June 2015 -  A group of invited paramotor pilots from Quebec and New Brunswick will be gathering in Tracadie-Sheila, NB next week to attend the Rencontre Paramoteur Acadie 2015. 

We are looking forward to fly and eat lobsters with old and new friends along the coast of Tracadie-Sheila, New Brunswick.

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 recontre paramoteur acadie logo.jpg (46238 bytes)           Tracadie-Sheila, New Brunswick, Canada.jpg (79365 bytes)

8 June 2015 - Moe & Pierre Continued Flying -  This morning Moe and Pierre continued to fly their Paramotors here at PPGNB.  After several continues flights each they showed and demonstrated that they can safely fly on their own back home.    Pictures and video to follow.

5 June 2015 - Wing Nuts out Flying -  Bob was out with his camera taking great photos of the Fredericton Wing Nuts Boys flying along the river.

 wn24.JPG (273574 bytes)     wn.032.JPG (115941 bytes)      wn.030.JPG (56209 bytes)

5 June 2015 - Brothers First Paramotor Flight -  Moe and Pierre both have their pilots licenses and this morning they flew one of the smallest aircraft. These two motivated brothers totally enjoyed their powered paragliding expererices and couldn't wait to get back up in the air after they landed.  The winds were 15-20 kms and the boys did excellent in the Reverse Launch technique.

The Brothers, Moe and Pierre loved the PPG training and are looking forward to their next flights.  Day 1 Training Video

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IMG_9723.JPG (28269 bytes)     IMG_9782.JPG (47591 bytes)      IMG_9792.JPG (53789 bytes)

4 June 2015 - Moe & Pierre Continues Ground School -  Ground school training continues for Moe and Pierre since Mother Nature has brought back the nice weather. Early this morning we did our tandem flights.  Later on we covered In flight training, more kiting with the Paramotors and a video. The boys are ready to fly tomorrow!!

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 IMG_9618.JPG (29201 bytes)            IMG_9619.JPG (29779 bytes) 

IMG_9624.1.JPG (57823 bytes)  IMG_9627.JPG (47486 bytes)  IMG_9633.JPG (31345 bytes)  IMG_9638.JPG (33859 bytes)

29 May 2015 - Go Fly a Kite -  Remember when you took your brother to, "Go Fly a Kite!".  Well, these two brothers do. Today we continued with glider training. The conditions were variable winds so the students had fun doing forward and reverse launching.  By the end of the day they were very proficient at both types of launches. The next step in training is the In-flight training. Getting close to their first flight!!

  IMG_9568.JPG (49929 bytes)     IMG_9561.JPG (56204 bytes)       IMG_9579.JPG (44875 bytes)

 IMG_9584.JPG (76444 bytes)     IMG_9580.JPG (44922 bytes)       IMG_9586.JPG (75181 bytes)

27 May 2015 - Moe and Pierre Start Kitting -  Moe and Pierre started Kitting this morning. The winds picked up later on so we used the small glider trainer. Due to the high winds we practised reverse kiting.  Moe and Pierre did very well taking turns and learning from each other.

 IMG_9529.JPG (31909 bytes)  IMG_9528.JPG (42724 bytes)  IMG_9543.JPG (32678 bytes)  IMG_9524.JPG (29298 bytes)

25 May 2015 - Moe and Pierre Start PPG Training -  Moe and Pierre are two brothers taking foot launch training.  They both purchased the Ultra 130's by Air Conception. We covered the theory classes and paramotor training. We had the unit's running on their backs today to give them a chance to see how much power(Thrust) the Ultra's put out.

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14 April 2015 - Valkaria Airport, Florida -  Eric took me up for a Tandem Flight  this morning at the Valkaria Aiport were he teaches.  It's been a long time since I sat as a passenger in a PPG trike.

 2015-04-14 09.01.56.jpg (135336 bytes)   2015-04-14 09.02.06.jpg (72973 bytes)   2015-04-14 09.02.26.jpg (141724 bytes)


12 April 2015 - Another Flight with Florida PPG Pilots -  Mike, Rob, Marco, and I took advantage of another morning flight along the St John River for 1 1/2 hours.

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11 April 2015 - Florida PPG Pilots -  This morning we gathered at Mike's place and loaded all the paramotors on the Para Barge to fly at the St John River.  It was nice to be back in the warm air again.  Some new faces, gators and great flying!! 

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                                                    IMG_2216.JPG (94654 bytes)        IMG_2219.JPG (84063 bytes) 

IMG_2223_1.JPG (160205 bytes)   IMG_2224_1.JPG (117319 bytes)   IMG_2225.JPG (85086 bytes)

            IMG_8467[2].JPG (172136 bytes)         IMG_8563[1].JPG (202456 bytes)

                                                                                                     Para-Flyers of Florida

10 April 2015 - First PPG Flight of 2015  - I  finally made it down South to Florida and flew my first  PPG flight of 2015. Weather was great, very light winds. This is my first flight since my son's passing so I placed his memorial  sticker on my helmet. Few pics

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20 March 2015 - Out of the Country  -  We will be travelling to Texas effective 27 March and making our way to Florida for the month of Apirl.  We will be updating the website during our vacation and attending events.  We can be still reached by cell, text or email. 

This year my training scheduled will be limited due to other commitments.  Here is a temporary training schedule of 2015


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