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9 April 2014 -  Snowbirds Back Home!!!  -  We arrived back home early this morning and as informed by locals before arriving my flying field is full of ice and snow.  Hopefully we have brought the nice warm weather back up to Canada.   Jo and I had a wonderful time traveling to Las Vegas, Utah; Sedona, Arizona; Houston, Texas; Palm Bay, Sebring and Lakeland Florida.  We met so many wonderful people and friends who shared a lot of great aviation experiences which made it , "Just Plane Fun".

Now its time to unpack and get ready for another busy 2014 Training Season.  For potential students waiting for a Tandem Flight with my Paramotor or an Introduction Flight on the CH701 aircraft we will have to wait until the snow and ice melts.  Looking forward to seeing everyone flying again soon here in Atlantic Canada, eh!


30 March 2014 -  Sun N Fun Florida  -  Off to Lakeland, Florida this weekend to attend the Sun N Fun 2014 events from the 31 March to 7 April.  Unfortunately we will have limited internet access to update the news when we return back home.


22 - 24 March 2014 -  Palm Bay Fly-in  -  It was great to see Mark from New Brunswick also Dan and Mete from Ontario again flying south of the border.  Yup, Brithday Dan had a nice surprise and I'm sure they all hated to leave and wish they could stay longer. After flying an early flight in the morning Mark Dean flew my paramotor for a good flight. He had one of the Paramania pilot's take close up pics  while in flight and when he landed Mark had a smile from ear to ear!!

Rob had his PPG Virtual Machine on display . I tried it out and I was very surprised on how real the felling was to flying a PPG. Of course, we met all our PPG friends from all over the USA and had a great time. The Palm Bay Police organized an outstanding event again this year in memory to our good friend Scott Adair.  We met Scott's daughter Robin and spent some time with her talking about her Dad. Jo and I had a great time, and looking forward to next years event!!

 IMG_Palm Bay Flyin 2014_2.jpg (166752 bytes)

 IMG_7791.JPG (123446 bytes)  More pics to follow!

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                                                          Mark, Dan, Mete and Frank                                                                                     Is there anything we can do to stay longer, Officer!


15 March 2014 -  Back in Florida  -  Finally back in Christmas, Florida visiting our Para-Flyers friends and flying in the warm air again .

Looking forward to see everyone this weekend at the 2014 USPPA Convention here in Palm Bay, Florida

You can check the webster for more information at http://palmbayparaflyin.com/index.php



3 March 2014 -  Red Rock Playground in Sedona, Arizona  -  Johanne and I are having a great time site seeing and hiking the trails with Rick & Gisele and their three Yellow Labs from Kars, New Brunswick here in Sedona.  This evening I had a great flight flying over the Red Rock playground while locals were waiting for the sunset. 

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22 - 23 February 2014 - Casa Grande Airport  -  We departed Katy, Texas and drove two days to fly with Wayne & Susan from Alberta and Bob & Jacquie from Burton, New Brunswick at the AK-Chin Airport in Casa Grande, Arizona.  The air was warm and flyable most of the day .  There were several types of aircraft  flying from the airport  such as PPC's Hang gliders and Ultralights. There was also an eleven year old flying his Dad's Parajet Trike. You have to Love the Arizona Air!! And the Sunset's are incredible.

 IMG_7261_1.JPG (76945 bytes)  IMG_7250_1.JPG (45329 bytes)  IMG_7266_1.JPG (73257 bytes)  IMG_7286.JPG (35479 bytes)

 IMG_7298.JPG (82274 bytes)   IMG_7275.JPG (77546 bytes)     IMG_7294.JPG (92804 bytes)    IMG_7302.JPG (53928 bytes)

12 February 2014 - PPGNB on Vacation!!  -  PPGNB will be on Holidays down south in the USA until 15 April 2014.  If you require to contact us you can e-mail us @ frank@poweredparaglidingnewbrunswick.com. You can also leave a contact number and we can return your call on Skype. Take care and see you in the New 2014 Training Season.

Frank & Johanne

5 January 2014 - Winter Flying  -  After arriving back home from morning breakfast with the Havelock pilots we seen Kev getting ready to fly his paramotor.  He flew over an hour around Sussex , Bluff and Poley Mountain area filming with his gopro camera.  Kev will be working on creating another PPG video of winter flying.  Another beautiful and wonderful winter flying day at  28F / -2C.

IMG_7128_1.jpg (91927 bytes) IMG_7133_1.jpg (85621 bytes) IMG_7146_1.jpg (81280 bytes) IMG_7159.jpg (102420 bytes)

Here are two Youtube videos Kev made with some of Johanne clips today.

The Weyman Airpark had pilots out enjoying the perfect air too.  Thank Bob and Paul for sharing your pics.

    039.1.jpg (137364 bytes)   035.1.jpg (59073 bytes)   IMG_7612.jpg (96653 bytes)

2 January 2014 - Happy New Year!  -  Johanne and I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!  You can find us under the Ultralight Pilots Association of Canada Flight Training link.

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We're looking forward to another training season.  Here is the course dates and events link http://www.poweredparaglidingnewbrunswick.com/news/availability2014.htm





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