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24 December 2014 - Merry Christmas!!!  Received this Christmas Card of Santa Flying from APCO.

Wishing all of our fellow flyers a Very Merry Christmas and a great hoiliday with wonderfull things from our house to yours!! 

Frank and Johanne

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23 December 2014 - High Five  - Paul was able to catch a pic of Bob and Dave setting up for a High Five during a pre Christmas flight.

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14 November 2014 - Out of the Country  -  We will be travelling to Texas and Florida for American Thanksgiving and eturn back home 3 December.  In the meantime you can reach me by email: frank@poweredparaglidingnewbrunswick.com.   My cell phone will be off and incoming calls or text messages can be sent to Johanne's cell at 506-434-5602.

5 November 2014 - Moe Receives His Paramotor!!  -  Moe had received his brand new Ultra 130 today.   I showed him how to assemble/dissassemble and to don the unit.  Afterwards we filled out the registration paperwork. Moe will be taking his PPG home with him for the winter and will be starting his course in the Spring.  I'm sure that Moe will be paramotor dreaming until his course starts.

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17 October 2014 - Out of the Province  -  We will be out of the province visiting our boys and grandkids in Alberta until the 28 October 2014.  In the meantime you can still reach us by text or cell @ 506-434-5601.


16 September 2014 - Day 2 in Cape Breton, NS  -  Another beautiful day on the beach with a day trip along the Cabot Trail.  Evening flight with Bob, Mark and Tim.

MacLeod's Beach Campsite in Dunvegan, Nova Scotia

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Tim following Mark along the coast line

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16 September 2014 - Cape Breton Trip  -  This evening was the1st time for Bob, Frank, Mark and Tim to fly in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia from the MacLeod's Beach and Campsite.   The local campers were excited to see us fly. We're hoping to get in another flight in before heading to Baddeck,  Nova Scotia.

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5 September 2014 - Jim's Brother Flying  -  The Hot Air Balloon's are back in town this weekend here in Sussex, NB.  We were surprised to see Ed on the CBC New Brunswick News at 5 when they capture him flying around town during the 27th Annual Hot Air Balloon Fiesta.

Ed and Jim took off first followed by Frank who was taking Jim's brother Chuck for a Birthday Flight.  Johanne's camera wouldn't open due to low battery but she and was able to capture a few pics from here cell phone. 

 2014-09-05 09.58.08.jpg (54085 bytes)   2014-09-05 10.09.40.jpg (139542 bytes)   2014-09-05 10.14.31.jpg (184427 bytes)

4 September - Bob's Pic's  -  Bob was out flying with his camera following the attraction and beautiful scenery.

 055.JPG (149940 bytes)   106.JPG (156106 bytes)   118.JPG (121194 bytes)

20 August 2014 - Out of the Area  -  We will be travelling to Nova Scotic to attending the East Coast Fly-In and Stanley Fly-In from the 20 August to September 2, 2014.  If you need to contact us we still can be reach by email or cell.  Fly Safe, Frank

10 August 2014 - Havelock Flying Club  -  During the Annual Havelock Flying Club Open House Ed and Jim flew their PPG's from the Havelock airstrip to Sussex. There were many interested bystanders watching their take off's and flight from the field. Thanks to Ed and Jim for their participation of the event.

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25 July 2014 - Kyle Completes his Course  -  This morning Jo and I were up early training with Kyle at Waterside Beach. Kyle flew his remaining qualifying flights to pass his course and become a full fledged PPG pilot. Well done Kyle and congrats on completing your course.

 IMG_8838.JPG (75099 bytes)      IMG_8837.JPG (67893 bytes)     IMG_8855.JPG (62350 bytes)

 IMG_8847.JPG (46933 bytes)     IMG_8848_1.JPG (43697 bytes)      IMG_8862.JPG (94516 bytes)

12 July 2014 - Hubert and Kyle Fly Solo  -  This morning we were up early and drove to the coast for Hubert's and Kyle's Solo Flights.  We had the whole coastal playground to ourselves which they totally enjoyed for their 1st solo flights.   One after the other they both completed fifteen flights each and experience a taste of nice clean air from the Bay of Fundy.

IMG_8716.JPG (112970 bytes) IMG_8775.JPG (80780 bytes) IMG_8701.JPG (93809 bytes) IMG_8683_1.JPG (97178 bytes)

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11 July 2014 - Day Three with Hubert and Kyle  -  Today was another full day of training completed with Hubert and Kyle to get them ready for their 1st Solo Flight.   We started both students with Tandem Flights.  Later on we continued Flight Simulator training and more kiting practice.  Both wrote their PStar Exam at the end of the day of training and were issued a Studen Pilot Permit. Tomorrow morning the students will get in their first solo flights.

  IMG_8594.JPG (171815 bytes)   IMG_8600.JPG (68983 bytes)   IMG_8602.JPG (155333 bytes)   IMG_8606_1.JPG (49947 bytes)

IMG_8627.JPG (142696 bytes) IMG_8654.JPG (100675 bytes) IMG_8631_1.JPG (182479 bytes) IMG_8652.JPG (104827 bytes)

10 July 2014 - Day Two with Hubert and Kyle  -  Another full day training with Hubert and Kyle. This morning we continued with paramotor simulator launch technique training as well as some paraglider training.  In the afternoon the winds were too strong to continue kiting so we set up both paramotors weight and balance in the flight simulator trainer.   We covered a few In flight drills before calling it a day of training. Early tomorrow morning we're hoping for a Tandem flight for both students.

  IMG_8562_1.JPG (194944 bytes)   IMG_8568.JPG (96949 bytes)   IMG_8574.JPG (104270 bytes)

 IMG_8575_1.JPG (113704 bytes)   IMG_8591_1.JPG (251283 bytes)   IMG_8593.JPG (206335 bytes)

9 July 2014 - Two Foot Launch Students  -  We have two foot launch students from Northern New Brunswick starting Powered Paragliding training today. We covered the Theory Classes as well as Basic Paramotor Training. The students were very impressed with their Paramotors thrust and overall weight. Both Students are looking forward to tomorrow's training.

  IMG_8544.JPG (169093 bytes)      IMG_8553.JPG (167992 bytes)     IMG_8551.JPG (138566 bytes)

30 June 2014 - Following the Weyman's Wing Nuts  -  Nice to see Bob's pictures of the Weyman's Wing Nuts, Dave and Steve flying low along the Saint John River.

 030_1.JPG (162268 bytes)    034_1.JPG (117478 bytes)    037.JPG (157911 bytes)

28 June 2014 - Daniel's Tandem Flight  -  This morning I took Daniel for an Tandem Introductory Flight as part of his Bachelor Party wish.  Now Daniel discovered the PPG experience that his Best Man feels when he flys his paramotor.   Daniel loved the flight and is considering to become a PPG pilot.

 IMG_8501.JPG (115571 bytes)    IMG_8500.JPG (158041 bytes)     IMG_8510.JPG (82351 bytes)

 IMG_8519.JPG (49284 bytes)     IMG_8524.JPG (51717 bytes)    IMG_8522.JPG (43474 bytes)

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27 June 2004 - Summer Time!  -  Summer Time is finally here!  It's always great to see pictures from the "Wing Nuts" group just outside of the Fredericton area flying around and enjoying the beautiful scenery. 

 025_1.JPG (169160 bytes)     028.JPG (145490 bytes)     039.JPG (229902 bytes)



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