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Hello, my name is Frank Savignac and I'm the Chief Instructor of Powered Paragliding New Brunswick (PPGNB). I've always dreamed of flying and knew that one day I would achieve my goal. Most people who research in regards to powered flight know that there usually is a high cost to training, maintenance, and of course purchasing an aircraft.

I discovered Powered Paragliding on the Internet and with it's simplicity I knew this would be the sport for me. When I decided to conduct powered paraglider training, I had to travel to Niagara Region in Ontario for my training.

Because of my retirement from the Military, I had ample time to fly and I flew at every opportunity. After the completion of many flights, I had several people inquiring about this amazing aircraft and where can you conduct PPG Training. Unfortunately, the closest school to my location was in Quebec and quite a few people had commented that it would be nice to have a training school a little closer in New Brunswick.

I knew that to further promote this sport in the Atlantic Canada area I would have to become an Instructor and open a PPG school. It wasn't easy and there were many challenges, but I knew that it would be a great retirement pastime for me and with my military background I was confident that I can run a very effective school. I quickly inquired about PPG Instructor training and booked myself on course in Ontario.

On completion of my Instructors course I wasted no time and I had PPGNB registered and running in 2005. My military background had helped me greatly in teaching this sport. I've been teaching basic to advanced gunnery for 24 years and I had applied this knowledge of instruction when teaching PPG students. I had the opportunity to train several new pilots and you can read the student testimonials .

My wife Johanne retired from the Military after 30 years service and joined PPGNB in 2006. Johanne also flies with me Tandem and she is in charge of the web site, photos and videos taken during training. She also has very good knowledge of powered paragliding training and equipment.

During the winter month's Johanne and I travel to the USA to attend most if not all of the National PPG Events in the USA. This opportunity keeps us current with the latest and newest equipment in PPG technology. We also fly regularly with some of the world's best PPG Pilot's. See News.

In 2010 I expanded my flying knowledge by taking flight training for fixed wing Ultralight aircraft. When I'm not flying my paramotor I'm flying my Zenith CH 701 or Challenger II. The fixed wing training was outstanding and had expanded my overall knowlede of flight!!

I can tell you that PPGNB is all about safety, good instruction and professional training. The aircraft is unbelievably safe and easy to fly with proper instruction. We're located in Sussex, NB where I teach, train and fly from my back yard.

Come fly with us, you won't regret it. I will promise you that you will have one of best experiences that you've ever done in your life.



Frank Savignac

Powered Paragliding & Fixed Wing Instructor

Transport Canada Approved Flight School


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